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Member Robert Guzell


About Robert

Shortly after starting his career in the healthcare industry as a medical delivery driver in 2004, people began to take notice of Robert’s work ethic and professionalism. He became a manager within 6 months, and after building rapport with his referral sources, eventually found his way into sales. Not satisfied in direct Medical Equipment sales, Robert eventually became the Admissions Director at a skilled nursing facility. Since that time, Robert has worked in increasingly responsible positions, including Director of Business Development and Account Executive roles in the skilled nursing, home health, and home care industries. The breadth of Robert’s experience in these fields, plus his drive to have a positive impact on the world around him, made him a perfect fit for this role on the team.

Robert was born and raised in Modesto and has spent years as a community volunteer. His service has focused on healthcare needs, including providing logistical support to Doctors without Borders, assisting senior support groups in Modesto and Oakdale, and helping address the needs of Modesto’s homeless.

When Robert isn’t directing business at Modesto’s finest Home Care Organization (Caregiver To You), he’s a sucker for meeting new people and exploring new places with his fiancée Alondra. And most days’ you’ll find him making music: he’s proficient in multiple instruments, and moonlights as the bass player in a local Rock Band. In fact, he keeps a guitar in the office… so if you come by sometime, be sure to ask him to play something (he’ll find any excuse to play)!

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