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Stanislaus Senior Foundation is comprised of 13 different community members, 

passionate about providing support to the seniors of this county.

Each member volunteers his or her time to the Foundation. 

Standing from L-R:

Erlinda Bourcier (Media Director), Jenny Kenoyer (member), Grant Swearingen (Vice-President), Monica Ramos (member),

Cesar Cortez (former member), Billie Scott (Secretary), Margie Palomino (Area Agency on Aging Liaison) 

Robin Conley (former member), Bipin Surti (former member), Jocelyn Raese (member), Mickey Peabody (Founding member). 

Sitting from L-R:

Elizabeth Price (President), Jeri Johnson (member) 

Please note, not everyone pictured is on the board of directors. 

Board Members not pictured:  Marilyn Smith, Dr. Krupa Sharma, Sally Bolger and Jasmine Su

Elizabeth Azlin, President
Grant Swearingen, Vice President
Marilyn Smith, Treasurer 
Jocelyn Raese,  Board Member
Margie Palomino
Area Agency on Aging Liaison

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Proudly Serving the Seniors of Stanislaus County