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Member Ammon Rasmussen

About Ammon

Ammon Rasmussen is a highly skilled and dedicated healthcare professional with extensive experience in the Skilled Nursing industry. He has obtained multi-State and National licenses as a Nursing Home Administrator, and has spent nearly ten years refining his expertise in this field.


Throughout his career, Ammon has held various positions within the Skilled Nursing sector, including Environmental Director and Maintenance Director. His exceptional ability to manage multiple responsibilities led to him overseeing the operations of two skilled nursing facilities simultaneously. This experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of the daily operations and challenges faced by nursing facilities.


One of Ammon's notable strengths is his unwavering commitment to ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and Local Regulations. He recognizes the significance of adhering to these guidelines in order to provide the highest level of care and safety for patients. Ammon's meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of regulations make him an invaluable asset in maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance within his nursing facilities.


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Ammon is a devoted husband and father. He understands the importance of balancing work and family life, and his dedication to both is evident in his ability to excel in his career while maintaining strong personal relationships. Ammon's friendly and approachable nature also makes him a trusted friend to all who know him. These qualities have greatly contributed to his success in helping seniors find healing and health as they age.

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