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A Little Labor on Labor Day

The Stanislaus Senior Foundation received a phone call on Labor Day 2016 from an 80 year old who needed help. Mrs. H. was home alone when her smoke detector started beeping. Knowing that the batteries needed to be changed, she went for her ladder and tried to make the change.

Her attempts to end the beeping were halted when she fell off her ladder. Frustrated by the dilemma, she knew she needed help. A few months prior she had cut out an article about the Stanislaus Senior Foundation. Remembering the article, she went looking for it, hoping the number to the Foundation would still be listed.

Having no idea how the Foundation could help her, Mrs. H. called anyway, hoping to be directed to someone who knew what to do. Surprised that her call was answered, she shared her current predicament with the Foundation.

The Foundation immediately knew how to help. They contacted the Modesto Fire Department on her behalf to assist her in changing the batteries. The Fire Department’s quick response was so welcomed by Mrs. H, as she was unsure what to expect on a holiday weekend.

The Stanislaus Senior Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists seniors in crisis, no matter the size. Mrs. H had no one else she could turn to and because of the Foundation she was able to get the assistance she needed, and avoid the potential for another fall.

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