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Giving Hope

The Modesto Bee published a news story titled

The visually impaired elderly woman was robbed of her purses,

braille slate and an antique rocking chair. The Oakdale Police

believe that the thefts may have happened when Pam (victim)

was home. The Bee reported there were no signs of forced entry of the victim’s apartment.

Debbie Hampton, a member of Citizens Volunteer Auxiliary Police Services, learned Pam’s best friend died March 14 leaving Pam alone in her home with no support.

The Stanislaus Senior Foundation learned of Pam’s vulnerability and contacted Debbie Hampton and offered assistance with supporting Pam. While Pam’s needs as a victim were many, the Foundation was able to provide a braille watch and door chimes alerting her when the doors of her home opened and closed.

On April 15, 2016, Debbie and the Foundation delivered the braille watch. She was excited by the gift. Knowing the time of day or night allows Pam a little more independence. The doorbell chimes have since been installed giving Pam a sense of safety. “People are really nice and I’d love to do something in return," Pam says with a peace of mind that people care.

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