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One Homeless Older Adult At A Time

Beatrice is a 60 year homeless older adult desperate to get help with housing and to get off the streets. She has been living in her car for a year and doesn't feel safe anymore. One night as she was sleeping in her car a shooting occurred with a bullet being lodged in the fender of her car. The incident scared her so much that she searched for a room to rent. Since she is extremely impoverished, Beatrice reached out to the Stanislaus Senior Foundation to assist her with housing. The Stanislaus Senior Foundation gave her a chance when no one else would. The assistance has given Beatrice hope. She is motivated to find employment and not live in her car anymore. Older Adult homelessness is a growing problem but helping one at a time can create a better community.

(Pictured is Beatrice holding a check from the Stanislaus. Senior Foundation )

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